Kushiya Kushigen
Yakitori/Meat dish
Kushiya Kushigen
With Self Order

Shop introduction

Kushiya Kushigen’s yakitori uses shingentori chickens that were wrung in the morning. They are cut into big pieces, skewered one by one, and deliberately broiled on high-quality white charcoal fire.
Therefore, it may take a while until yakitori you’ve ordered arrive on your table. This is particularly true during busy hours because we only have a limited number of staffs.
We all try our best to provide delicious yakitori, good sake and polite service, in order to create a LOVE & PEACE environment and time to share with you!

We have one request to the customers.
It’d be easier for us to provide foods you’ve ordered faster if you could put as many drink and yakitori orders as possible together into a single batch. Your kind understanding and cooperation will be highly appreciated.
Thank you!
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Basic information

Monday - Saturday
17:00 - 24:00
Sunday, National holiday
VISA、MasterCard、Diners Club
Machida Building 2, 3F,3-25-8 Nishiikebukuro Toshima-ku Tokyo

All seats smoking are available

As an appetizer charge, 300 yen is charged per person