Alice in a Labyrinth
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Alice in a Labyrinth
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Shop introduction

Welcome to the Alice's Wonderland where she got lost in-between dream and reality! This is Chapter 1 of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" themed fantasy restaurant. A huge book is waiting for you at the entrance, which is the opening to the Wonderland.
Past the entrance is a labyrinth between dream and reality. There are a variety of dining rooms, each of which is decorated like a scene from Alice's Adventure in Wonderland; in the "Tea Party Room" room, tea cups and tea pots are flying overhead; Cheshire Cat is living in a cute semi-private pink-striped room. Box seats are also available for couples.
The main hall is designed like a parallel world using elements from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." For example, you can dine in a huge tea cup in the "Duchess's Tea Cup Room."
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Basic information

Monday - Friday
17:00 - 23:30 (L.O. 22:30)
Sunday, Saturday
16:00 - 23:30 (L.O. 22:30)
National holiday
Taiyo Bldg. 5F, 8-8-5 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo


648 yen per person (including tax)



5 minutes walk from Subways Ginza station
5 minutes walk from JR Shinbashi station

3,800 yen