Hot pot
Collagen Shabu-shabu GINZA Shunka-shuton
With Self Order

The minimum order for this meal is two servings.【Collagen shabu-shabu all-you-can-eat course (2 hours limited)】〈5-course meal〉

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“Shabu-shabu” is the sound of the bubbling pot, as fresh pork from Niigata prefecture is boiled in a collagen soup. Because our pork is of the freshest quality, you can enjoy cooking it to medium-rare.
Spring onions are prepared with a 'water cutter', a technique that brings out its sweetness. Seasonings include sesame and ponzu (citrus vinegar), and we also offer nine types of condiments.
Though we have many seasoning options, just a little salt is more than enough to enjoy the full flavor of the meat. The meat and spring onions are all-you-can-eat. Enjoy free refills for condiments and collagen soup. Using the last remaining soup, our staff will prepare a porridge using black rice, right in front of you. For dessert, we offer homemade ice-cream flavored with collagen and green tea.

Course menu (Total 5 items)
・Appetizer (a side dish of the season)
・Salad with carefully-selected vegetables
・Echigo-Uonuma Kenko pork shabu-shabu in collagen soup
 【All-you-can-eat】Echigo-Uonuma Kenko pork (back ribs/loin/shoulder)
 【All-you-can-eat】Premium chopped scallion
・Rice porridge with the left-over collagen soup (Uonuma Koshihikari rice/Uonuma brown rice)
・Dessert (collagen ice cream/Kyoto-style green tea)