Anago-ya Ginza Hirai
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Our passion for creating many different kinds of salt-water eel dishes…

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We are a well established Ginza restaurant, serving a variety of flavorful salt-water eel dishes.
""Anago-ya Ginza Hirai"" is just a 3-minute walk from Ginza Station. We are very selective with all our ingredients and so we only use the smaller salt-water eel known as ""mesokko."" Because the flavors are so condensed, and there is an adequate amount of fat on these eels, you can enjoy them prepared in a variety of ways including as sushi, simmered or grilled. And, you can relish each exquisite dish with one of the many Japanese sakes we have in our collection. The retro-chic ambience of the restaurant will take you back in time, while you savor the different salt-water eel flavors. Added to the Michelin Guide Tokyo 2015 (Bib Gourmand).