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Our Specialty! Fresh Squid served whole

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This is sold by weight (192 yen/10g).

The selling price of the squids is determined at the time when they
are landed from the cage and then measured.

Only the head portion can be eaten as sashimi. The remaining leg
portions are served either as tempura or salt-grilled (please select).

Please let us know for how many people you would like to have when ordering it.

*Please refer to the following as a guide;

Small: 150–250g (for 1-2 people)

Middle: 250–400g (for 2-4 people)

Large: >400g (for >5 people)

Fresh squid straight from their habitat. Our serving of one whole squid is Satsuma Gomamon Specialty. Squid sliced while alive brings out a sweet taste and firm texture.