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"Taki Gyoza" Shirataki (Nabe Dish)

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【Taki Gyoza of Kotetsu】
Wrap: The wrap is made at a noodle‐making factory where noodles are made Paste: Minced domestic pork and chicken cartilage with leeks, cabbage with paste.

What is ""Taki Gyoza"" ?

Local menu of Kyushu, and Hakata. Different from the regular boiled gyoza,
because it’s cooked with soup therefore the skin of the gyoza is more flavorful. The soup becomes more delicious with meat juices flowing from the bean jam of the gyoza.
You are not going to appreciate it only one time but twice with noodles and rice porridge containing vegetables and the soup which are good as much as the gyoza.

Shirataki (Cooked white) is a combination with chicken soup and Japanese-style soup.
It’s savory taste (Umami) for gyoza soup.